Our trip to Mexico is one I will never forget..

For us the journey started the week before with packing.. the dreaded packing that is not so easy to do with a baby emptying the case as your filling it. Because I so desperately try to be organised I always start planning early, although our plans usually go out the window with dads work in construction, the jobs change at the drop of a hat.

At the time my daughter of 7 months now and myself where full of colds and looking forward to 4 weeks in warm sunny Mexico. Dad would still be in work but we had only seen him for a week over Christmas since mid October. I’d got my mum and sister to help whilst I packed, the extra milk powder, now food too, extra summer clothes and swimwear I’d purchased months earlier due to it been January in England, Calpol medicine, and good old Milton sterilising tablets.

So the morning of our flight, still feeling like death we soldiered on, we didn’t make it to the airport without some baby sick and a fresh outfit. Mum life! I had got my sister to help me to check in (where possible ask for help, carrying a baby, pram and 2 cases doesn’t get easier and we now have more stuff). But we got all checked in ready to hit security, a good part of travelling with a baby is the priority lane! Not that its any quicker but everyone is in the same boat in this lane, so here I go, liquids out, pram collapsed, food and milk in separate trays and through we go, pram up, baby in, wait for milk and swab tests,  re-pack bag and were set!

Now this is the 3rd time we have flown with Virgin Atlantic airways and I love them. They are a superb airline, extremely helpful and accommodating. We got moved to the front for a little more space with 2 seats, the air stewards saved food for me to have when my daughter was asleep, they also made me a cup of tea in a mug and on a 10 hour flight (and that was just the first leg) it was extremely appreciated.

1 leg down 1 to go, deep breath! Atlanta airport one of the largest and busiest in the world. For anyone travelling through America when you have connecting flights you need to collect your cases and re-check them in. Something I was dreading trying to hump heavy cases on my own with a baby strapped to me. But we managed and a lovely airport worker came and helped me re-check in and point me in the right direction to the gate. 2nd leg down, another smooth flight and we arrived to see dad! 36 hours travelling, 3 airports and 2 flights later.

Guadalajara, Mexico, not your usual tourist spot! But the hotel was good enough.  A large living area with a balcony, small kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom. A pool, restaurant and wonderful staff. our first day dad went to work and I thought I’d unpack, settle in a bit. We hit the pool, played, ate, napped the usual things you would do at home. Dad had purchased a travel cot ready for us arriving ( not that she slept in it, she ended up in the bed with us. ) We went shopping for food, hard work in itself when you can only understand bits of the language..  purchased another kettle! For some reason it felt like no hotel we stay in has a kettle.. 
A week in We had a lovely long weekend at the beach. A beautiful spot. This was the point i realised I wasn’t a 100% sure where our passports were, but wasn’t too worried assumed they would be somewhere safe. We had a great time on our little family holiday within a holiday! 

About 2 weeks into our holiday now, we’d arrived back at the hotel, I thought I best check if our passports are in the safe.. NO THEY WERE NOT! Suitcase, I bet I left them there.. NO… rucksack.. NO… drawers.. NO… sofa… NO… reception.. NO…it was then that sheer panic took over. I rang dad in floods of tears, who was now at work. I must of binned them, no one has been in here to take them its the only answer, 2 weeks after arriving they would be gone by now!!

Dad also arrived with news, he was due back in Peru for another job a week earlier. So this meant less time till we flew home, and a flight change with no passports!

So I broke, I cried, I went over and over in my head , who bins passports?! And my daughters 1st passports with all her stamps so far.. how do we get home from Mexico of all places?, I’ve never lost anything! Why oh why?! Her first little passport picture! 

Calm down.. OK, we can fix this.. were all OK.. I can just draw the stamps in her new passport! It could happen to anyone, I think!

Dad, been the fixer in this complete melt down moment got onto the Internet to find out what we needed to do.. British Embassy! New Passport pictures, that we managed to get taken in a pharmacy of all places.  So off we trekked on the 9 hour drive to Mexico city to the British Embassy, that was located inside the Irish Embassy because of building damage in an earthquake earlier that month. (I swear you couldn’t make this stuff up!) We spent the night in a hotel ready for our appointment the next morning. 9am we got booked in, answered all the questions, explained everything, paid the fee, gave our new dates for travel, now not through USA as we had no visa with no passports. Got our temporary passports and drove all the way back with a baby who luckily travels so well! I on the other hand still had tears in my eyes absolutely gutted that I’d lost her first passport!

Before we knew it our shorter, stressful visit to see dad was over, we were all packed up and on a flight back home.

This was our holiday to Mexico, an eventful one at that! 

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