Our First Year Travels

Every parent around the world knows the joys of parenthood, and alot of people live just like us. Dad works abroad in many different countries and moves quite frequently so in our first year as parents we only spent 11 weeks together as a family, and most of them weeks were my daughter and I travelling to see him.

Our first visit was to Istanbul, Turkey. Our daughter was just 7 weeks old. Despite how nervous I was at flying alone it went really well. I had been given some pointers like having milk ready when taking off, definitely take a baby carrier, and shop around for compact items. We purchased a travel pop up crib.

A few things I learnt on the first trip,check what formula is in other countries. We used a UK one that at the time I wasn’t aware you couldn’t buy anywhere else, so for every trip we had to pack 3 boxes of milk powder. 
We purchased a car seat/ pram (the Dooner) whilst away. This was a great buy,the wheels fold under the base so it makes a car seat and has been the best to travel with on all our trips until our daughter got too big for it. 
Istanbul is a beautiful city, full of historic buildings and places worth seeing. It is very baby friendly and the locals loved her.

As well as Istanbul, in our first year we visited the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. The only person flying with a baby on our flight, our first family road trip from Vegas to the Grand canyon on route 66, and hunting for a kettle on the strip!!   (a different experience with a baby, and unfortunately we were there when the Vegas massacre happened) but a great holiday. We had breath taking views of the Grand Canyon, no words can describe and picture does this incredible sight justice. We travelled past the Hoover Damn, a remarkable piece of engineering for its time. Through little quirky towns where we met lovely welcoming people. As always with a baby, some nappy changes on the back seat of a car were included!
Luckily we were in our hotel for a very sad day so we were all OK, just a little shaken holding my 3 month old.  But we witnessed the good in people that helped after a horrific event. Full praise the services that reacted so quickly. I can only imagine how traumatic it was for those people at the event that night.

In addition we’ve travelled around the UK and over to Ireland. Our mother lands  and the best times with our families.

As well as that we visited Guadalajara Mexico, a fun but stressful trip, with lost passports, ( I say lost I actually binned them accidentally after 36hrs travelling and no sleep) flight changes, our crawling baby, another new kettle and a language barrier.  ( I’ll come back to this trip later in a separate post).

This was some of our first year, and just the beginning..

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