Our first BIG move

After a year of just visiting dad we decided when our daughter turned one we would take the big leap and follow dad around the world. It would no longer be a holiday it would be our new way of life.I always kept in my head that home is just a phone call away and if we didn’t like it we could always fly back. Now from the day of having a baby, I’ve done most of it by myself so looking after her alone has never worried me, I’ve had great support from my partner, but work is work and his work is around the world. Like most mothers in our situation or similar you get yourself into routines that work for you, you rely on support from friends and family. It is this that I miss the most, but as you will later read, things get you through the tough days and new friends are found in the most unlikely of places.So to prepare and try and plan for our new adventure I did as much googling as possible! Travel items, what to pack? Best ways of folding clothes, travel baby toys, and we have found some pretty cool stuff that I will post separately with some links in the product review page. Along with family members getting us great things too I felt pretty prepared.  Everything is compact, everything folds away from pac a macs, pac a baby carriers, pac a high chairs, (stuff sacks are the future for travellers) compact travel prams to suitcase organiser cubes and a folding toy box.I packed some baby food for my daughter, her familiar items like koala bear, her bed blanket. A First aid kit has always travelled with me, and anything else I could think of that we use daily. In July 2018 our house contents got moved into storage and with just 2 weeks notice our destination was decided. A capital city that sits high in the Andean foothills at an altitude of 2,850m. Quito, Ecuador. Our first temporary home!

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