The Galapagos Islands

Before we left Ecuador we took a wonderful holiday to a unique Island. Half the reason I was so determined to stick it out away. The Galapagos, not only are we huge Sir David Attenborough fans (even my daughter would lie watching planet earth at 6 months,) to visit the place where Darwin discovered evolution was the opportunity of a lifetime. We stayed on the quieter island of the 3 with an airport, San Christabol. It is one of the best places I have ever experienced. Our daughter was fascinated by the wildlife as much as we were, wild sea-lions sunbathing on the beaches, lizards and bright orange crabs chilling on the rocks, giant tortoises relaxing in their reserve, and an array of birds. It truly is an incredible place and so well preserved. Board walks lead the pathway around the sea edge and over rocks so that the wildlife could be enjoyed but not disturbed. We spent every morning watching sea-lions coming in and out of the sea. The locals were so friendly and we learnt that by law everyone that lived there is of native origin. We got the chance to go snorkelling and see the wonders that hid below the surface, schools of colourful fish, so many different species I couldn’t name, but watching them swimming around mesmerised me. If you looked hard enough you’d spot an odd sea turtle grazing, and we got lucky enough to have sea-lions swim right by us.

Now for this holiday we didn’t have any major hiccups.. we had the kettle we had purchased in Quito and a supply of baby food if needed. The hotel staff were lovely enough to move us to a different room for the extra bed space, still 3 in the bed with the hunt for the perfect travel cot ongoing! Every restaurant we ate in accommodated for the baby, and the food was delicious, especially the seafood. Change tables in public is the downfall but I have become accustomed to changing on the floor on a large mat or my coat, or balancing on my knee at this point as quite a few countries and airports have not had them so it didn’t bother me at all. Although we had the pram the carrier was mainly used while she slept and walked when she woke. My daughter of 14 months had learnt the word shark whilst away, despite our surroundings she was obsessed with seeking out the shark on a large poster, advertising for diving!

Our 6 days were filled with nature, wildlife and exploring, there is so much to see that I haven’t mentioned, some places cannot be described they have to be seen, it is a phenomenal sight! 
I’d highly recommend any travel and nature lover to visit here.

After the week went too quickly we were back at the airport ready for our next adventure, the job was located in America and we decided on a 4 week road trip through 22 states to get there!

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