About us

I have always loved to travel, for me the world is meant to be explored and finding places that are not your usual holiday spots is even better. So far I have travelled to 24 countries, and lived in 4, the motherland UK, Down under for a few years, and now I’m doing it with a toddler in toe.

In 2017 I became a mum to a beautiful daughter, and so far she has visited 8 countries, her first at 7 weeks old and 3 of which we have lived in. Currently she has not spent more than 9 consecutive weeks in one place! In July 2018, I chose not to go back to work – we (my partner, 1year old at the time and myself) decided to pack our house contents into storage and follow dad around the world with his work. Sometimes the road is hard but its worth it. We have completed 22 flights so far, most of them I have flown on my own with her, we’ve met some incredible people, that have inspired me, seen some amazing places, received help from strangers, had good days and bad, had family days, overcome several obstacles, used paddling pools as baths, cut feet off baby-grows and crammed as much stuff as possible into our suitcases. After my friends telling me to share our story here goes! I hope you enjoy.