Product recommendations

Over the journey’s I have travelled I have found some pretty great and very useful items to use, especially with a baby. Some I have randomly spotted whilst away, others from hunting the internet, or stopping mothers in shops to ask ‘where did you get that’,  and family member’s buying us gifts. Not just the baby essentials but toys too, and things you wouldn’t normally think of, like a trike, that’s right this time round the trike came with us. As well as anything to save that extra bit of space in a suitcase.

We have travelled by car, train, boat and plane. Stayed in hotels, tents, apartments and houses and now we currently live out of suitcases where ever in the world we are. All the recommendations come from the experience I have of using them. I hope that it helps to make travelling and packing less stressful!

Baby essentials

Baby Toys for travelling

More recommendations coming soon…