Baby toys for travelling…

Below is a list of toys we now have for travelling, besides the teddy bears. For me, knowing that we live with very little (and its great, my daughter entertains herself with anything) its still important that she has some familiar things to help her settle, and toys to play and learn with, especially when we cant always go outside or explore, or when living in a hotel. As she gets older we swap some items, and a couple more get purchased for special occasions, and the family find some great things too knowing that we don’t have a house, it all needs to pack into our suitcase.

  • Toy box – This folds flat, and was a gift from her great Nan that she found in a book/craft store
  • White board book for drawing – An item I found on Amazon, great space saver, comes in handy for the plane.
  • Aqua Doodle mat – This item was a gift from her auntie, really good invention, and folds flat
  • Books – A very important one for me, and our daughter loves reading. we have a huge collection so just a few make it on our journey, but every visit back to the UK we get to swap them over.
  • Puzzles – Again we get to swap these over, but puzzles are nice and flat, easy for packing
  • Moonlite story projector – Now this was a gift and I had never seen one before, But my daughter loves it, you have a little disc ( a little bigger than a 50 pence piece) that has 12 pictures on it, it then slides into a a tiny projector that fits to your phone and uses the torch light to project onto a wall. After downloading the moonlite app, add the story for the disc.
  • My quiet book – this is just a little travel book with different actives on each page.
  • Bath toys – my daughter loves these so they come everywhere with us, and they squish into the suitcases
  • Stacking cups – take up little room and hours of fun.
  • 7 in 1 Trike – up to age 3, this is great for travelling as it folds down with no screws just pops into place. Also comes with a travel bag.
  • Scramble Bug – Another gift that we decided to squeeze into the case

More coming soon…